November 20, 2012

Phone-y Funeral

The Salty Hanger :: Phone-y Funeral (iPhone 5 cases)

1. J.Crew // 2. Society6 // 3. Etsy // 4. Society6 // 5. Etsy // 6. Society6

The trusty old steed, better known as my iPhone 3GS, has been showing its age lately. It's been freezing frequently and it's taken every ounce of strength I have to not huck it against the wall (an action that would likely not improve the phone's performance but would temporarily relieve my tech frustration, nonetheless).

After three years of faithful service, I think it's time to relegate my old phone to the Apple graveyard in my desk (other occupants include a Mini, first and third generation Nanos and a Nike+ setup). But before I pull the trigger on the iPhone 5, I must first complete the very important task of picking a snazzy case for it. Thanks to Lois and Clarkie's post for inspiring me to get a little creative with my case this time (currently sporting my husband's old, very used Speck Candyshell case - it's sad, really). 

Let me know which one your favorite is. Maybe I'll put in a good word with Santa for you.


  1. Love it. Go with option 3!!
    I just got this one!

  2. Will the new case have new initials???