March 5, 2014

Pajama Jammy Jam

The Salty Hanger:: Pajama Jammy Jam #LLBean #JCrew #Nautical #Stripes

In college, it was perfectly acceptable to conduct one's daily routine while donning flannel pajama bottoms. This trend especially came in handy whenever I'd been roped into an early morning Ticketmaster trip, since back then my friends only bought concert tickets in person and usually at the butt-crack of dawn on a Saturday. A few of our local mall patrons probably thought all university students were lazy and/or sloppy, but I'm pretty sure most of them thought we were just plain geniuses (less outfit changes = less loads of laundry).

Fast forward to present day, and I sometimes wish I could just roll into work wearing my favorite jammies. Since that's not so "office apropos", I've had to get a little creative in finding outfits that are PJs in disguise.

Leggings are a stretchy-waisted gift from the fashion gods who want us to be comfy and chic. Add in a cotton tunic and BAM- you're ready to hit the town while simultaneously resembling a grown up and still doing right by your inner coed. Oh, and don't worry- a Red Solo Cup will always be the perfect accessory.

The Salty Hanger:: Pajama Jammy Jam #LLBean #JCrew #Nautical #Stripes

The Salty Hanger:: Pajama Jammy Jam #LLBean #JCrew #Nautical #Stripes

The Salty Hanger:: Pajama Jammy Jam #LLBean #JCrew #Nautical #Stripes


  1. Leggings are basically work appropriate yoga pants. Love this look -- bet you're the stylish one in the office!!

    XO Courtney
    Color Me Courtney

    1. Exactly, Courtney! And who couldn't use a little more yoga in their work day? ;-)