April 28, 2014

Hot Pants

Poppy Pants + Chambray Shirt (#JCrew #Banana Republic) // The Salty Hanger

My colored jeans have been festering in semi-retirement mode for most of the winter. Once in a while I'd bust them out to give my blue jeans a breather, but the endless days weeks months of wearing riding boots that covered much of the pants themselves took some of the fun out of blinding people with unexpectedly bright bottoms. Thankfully the sun has been shining and my flats are back in rotation. This officially means it's on like Donkey Kong. Time to bust out (and maybe buy a few more) cheery pants. Consider your eyes warned.

Poppy Pants + Chambray Shirt (#JCrew #ToryBurch) // The Salty Hanger

Poppy Pants + Camel Flats (#JCrew #ToryBurch) // The Salty Hanger


  1. I love the pop of color in an otherwise neutral outfit! LOVE

  2. I think you've been reading my brain. Denim and red pants is what I'm wearing today. Hey style twin lol.

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