May 14, 2014

Momma Said

White Blazer + Poppy Dress // The Salty Hanger

Madewell Blazer (similar) // J.Crew Factory Dress (similar - also worn here) // Clark's Amelia Air Wedges //  Tiffany & Co. Charm Necklace // Kate Spade Idiom 'Mom' Bracelet // Coach Watch (similar) // Gucci Sunglasses (similar)

Last year was my first "official" Mother's Day as a mom. Since I was relatively new to motherhood, I wasn't able to clearly articulate what I wished for most to celebrate "my" day. This year, I was another mom-year wiser and quite certain that my dream day included sitting on my duff and doing a lot of nothing. Thankfully the message was received loud and clear by my husband, child and dog who brought my dream to fruition, and then some. They iced the proverbial cake with a much-needed massage at Nine Stones, a family brunch at Gather, a shiny new bangle, and a sunny reading session on our back deck. Despite slightly charring my limbs on Sunday, I emerged from the weekend feeling loved. I'm also optimistic that my sunburn might eventually turn into a tan, or at least I hope to be a little less crispy by the end of the week.
Lobster red is not my best (skin) color.

White Blazer + Poppy Dress + Cognac Wedges // The Salty Hanger

White Blazer + Poppy Dress + Silver Bangle // The Salty Hanger

Tiffany & Co. Cherub Charm Necklace // The Salty Hanger

Kate Spade Idiom Bangle // The Salty Hanger

White Blazer + Poppy Dress + Cognac Wedges // The Salty Hanger

Kate Spade Idiom Mom Bracelet // The Salty Hanger

Mother's Day Outfit // The Salty Hanger


  1. Love the bangle, you are a lucky momma to have been so well though of :)