July 8, 2014

Business Casual

Seersucker Skirt + J.Crew Windowpane Scarf // The Salty Hanger

J.Crew Factory Gathered Top // Brooks Brothers Seersucker Skirt (similar here) // J.Crew Windowpane Floral Scarf // J.Crew Seville Chambray Espadrilles // Tory Burch Large T Logo Stud Earring (similar here) // J.Crew Classic Wide Bangle // Michael Kors Watch // Gucci Sunglasses (similar here)

It's been a looong time since I've had an official office dress code. My previous positions required occasional face-to-face client meetings, so those kept me honest (and out of sweatpants). Nowadays, I AM the client. I conduct vendor meetings almost exclusively via conference call so it's just the people in the office who have to see me every day. It's a pretty laid-back environment and I could roll into work wearing a full track suit with nary an eyebrow raise.

Sometimes it's really convenient to not have any wardrobe restrictions - especially in the middle of winter when it's just snowed two feet. This also makes it really easy to fall into a style rut. Over the past year, many of my older, more business-friendly pieces (like the skirt in this post) have been relegated to the back of the closet in favor of jeans. In my world, there is such a thing as overdressed. You know you're guilty of being too fancy when you walk into the office and you're asked multiple times where you'll be interviewing that day.

Since my closet is close to needing a "No Vacancy" sign, I've recently been resurrecting these long lost loves. Some pieces are more challenging than others to make work for my career now (without looking like I'm job hunting, that is). But pairing business and casual clothing together has breathed new life into my wardrobe. It also sounds like I'm wearing an outfit mullet.

Seersucker Skirt + J.Crew Windowpane Scarf // The Salty Hanger

Seersucker Skirt + J.Crew Windowpane Scarf // The Salty Hanger

Seersucker Skirt + J.Crew Windowpane Scarf // The Salty Hanger

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  1. I have this scarf too and struggle a bit to style it. Love the subtle pattern mixing with the seersucker skirt and the pop of the green on the cobalt shirt. Thanks for a new idea!

    1. Yay! Glad I could help! FYI - I've found it pairs well with mint/light teal, too.