July 31, 2014

Neutral Territory

Paisley Pencil Skirt + Neutral Sweater // The Salty Hanger

J.Crew Factory Charley Sweater // Brooks Brothers Skirt (similar prints here and here) // Cole Haan Sandals (similar here and here) // J.Crew Factory Flower Stud Earrings // Target Necklace (similar here) // J.Crew Classic Bangle (similar here) // Michael Kors Watch // Gucci Sunglasses (similar here)

Please allow me to introduce you to MY version of a "risky" outfit. At first glance, it seems pretty innocent (no daring hemlines, no bold colors, etc.). However, I have an amazing knack for dropping food on myself at some point in the day. Every. Darn. Day.

This past Monday was an especially fitting example of my talent in action. I had cruised through the Starbucks drive-thru and emerged with my usual drink. But something was different. It appeared the barista had accidentally splattered some red syrup on the cup, so he just layered a second cup over the first to cover the sticky bits. I kind of shrugged to myself, then jammed it into my car's cup holder and went about my merry way. 

Upon pulling into the parking lot at work, I retrieved the cup and popped out of the car. I was about to shut the door when I realized my keys were still sitting in another cup holder (come to think of it, I should really blame keyless entry on this whole fiasco). As I reached back in to grab my keys, the cup menagerie (minus the lid) slipped out of my hand, hit the ground upright, then proceeded to spout a fountain of vanilla latte all over my car, clothes, and face. I stood there staring at the resulting puddle while stuffing profanities back into my mouth as I tried to refrain from having a verbal outburst. I had only taken one sip of the $4 (and change) beverage before its demise. JUST ONE SIP!!! 

My memory is a little fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure I grabbed the underside of the lid instead of the body of the cup because of the whole double-layered thing. Clearly that was a poor choice. In order to maximize the number of spot free hours for today's outfit, I skipped the Starbucks this morning. But no promises on making it through lunch.

Olive Bangle + Coral Stud Earrings // The Salty Hanger

Paisley Pencil Skirt + Neutral Sweater // The Salty Hanger

Tan Sandals + Paisley Skirt // The Salty Hanger

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  1. Coming over from the link-up. I've had a similar experience with my coffee. I really like monchromatic outfits! I hope this one stayed clean :)!

    Nicole to the Nines

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Nicole! And to my own shock and amazement, this outfit actually escaped 3 meals and many snacks in between to remain clean for a WHOLE DAY - haha!