July 4, 2014

Red, White and Blue Crab

J.Crew Crab Top + Jack Rogers // The Salty Hanger

Summer's in full swing here and the seafood shacks dotting our coastline are busily serving up lobster by the boatload. Though my body (and income tax payments) currently reside in Maine, my taste buds remain loyal to the Jersey Shore's favorite cantankerous crustacean - the blue crab.  

As a kid, summertime in South Jersey marked our family's annual trip to Margo's Marina to rent a 16' skiff, minus the sunshade. My parents grossly underestimated my ability to sunburn (painfully) and usually had to put up with my whining for the rest of the week as a result. 

We'd spend the day out on Barnegat Bay dropping an assortment of metal, net and line traps over the side of our tiny vessel, collecting clawed critters that would be our meal for that evening. Our most successful haul came one day when we bagged 47 blue crabs, 23 blowfish and 1 pissed off eel. There was a small fiasco involving the eel being accidentally set free in the bottom of our boat, but it was eventually corralled back into a bucket and properly returned to its ocean home. 

The blowfish were adorable and I begged to set them free, too. But my parents ignored my pleas and the cute little fish were cooked up with the rest of the day's catch. That night, we sidled up to a newspaper-covered picnic table in the backyard, armed with a canister of Old Bay. I flat out refused to eat any of my blowfish buddies. So of course, my parents did what any other authority figure would do when trying to negotiate with a particularly hostile party. They lied. The blowfish meat was served as "chicken" and my super refined 9-year-old palate was none the wiser.

Crab Top + Chambray Shorts // The Salty Hanger

Crab Top + Chambray Shorts // The Salty Hanger

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