August 7, 2014

Outfit // Endless Summer

Mint + Pink Tweed // The Salty Hanger

J.Crew Factory Shirt (full-sleeve version here) // Banana Republic Tweed Mini Skirt // Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats // Silver Stud Earrings (similar here) // Tiffany & Co. Letter "M" Pendant // Tiffany & Co. Bead Bracelet // Coach Watch (similar here)

What is with everyone talking about fall already!? And by "everyone" - I mean mostly bloggers, the new J.Crew catalog and Pinterest (mmm - not quite ready for Halloween ideas yet). I get that it's already August and another Maine winter is right around the corner, but COME ON people! Can we all pretend that summer will never end? Or at least hold out until I'm forced to turn on the heat???

As part of my season-changing protest, I refuse to wear anything "fallish" until I absolutely cannot hold out any longer. Except for this pink tweed mini skirt. I let this one slide because I've deemed it as an appropriate "summery" impostor.  And let's be real - even with tights I'm not wearing this sucker once the Bean boots come out of hibernation.

Mint + Pink Tweed // The Salty Hanger

Mint + Pink Tweed // The Salty Hanger

Mint + Pink Tweed // The Salty Hanger

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  1. It does seem like everyone is talking about fall already. I'm not ready for fall weather, but I want fall clothing. Love this pink and green combo!

    Nicole to the Nines

    1. If it could just be cool on weekdays and still be warm enough to go to the beach on weekends, I'd consider relaxing my "Just Say No to Fall" stance in the interest of cute, new fall clothes ;-)