January 26, 2015

Outfit // A Short Story

I may have been a tad overzealous with the amount of stuff I packed for Florida. Since the weather was a bit wonky during our recent trip, I reverted to some version of this outfit every day (long sleeves and shorts #ftw). What happened to all those cute dresses and tunics that I thought I'd be prancing around in? Yup, they all sat in the condo closet unworn. 

In my defense, facing down the barrel of 5+ more months of winter can really mess with your head when it comes to picking "essentials" for a warm weather trip in January. That being said, maybe 7 choices of footwear were a bit much. My sneakers, "fancy" sandals and "pool" flip flops would have been enough. I also wouldn't have had to yard sale the contents of my suitcase at JetBlue's check-in counter, frantically trying to get my bag under 50lbs. 

What's that sound I hear? Oh - that'd be a little voice in my head (that sounds an awful lot like Chad) saying "I told you so".

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