January 19, 2015

Travel // Naples, Florida

After surviving our first full winter back east last year (and a pretty brutal one at that), there was no way we were starting this winter without a warm weather escape on the books. So we cashed in some credit card points, cobbled together our frequent flyer miles and locked in a reservation at the in-laws' vacation condo for our family trip to Naples, Florida.

Anyone who's been to Florida in the summer knows the humidity gets so heavy that the air feels like a sopping wet towel you just want to wring out. In the winter, the air's more like a towel you yanked from the dryer just a few seconds too early - still warm and a little damp, but it dries on its own without getting smelly. In other words, much of Florida's winter feels like San Diego's every day weather - perfect.

Though the weather inconsistently alternated between cloudy/cool and sunny/toasty during our visit, we were able to adapt our schedule to make the most of the Florida sunshine when it did peek out. A day at the Naples Zoo, a hike through Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary and LOTS of pool time were the highlights of our trip. 

It's also pretty obvious from our vacation pics that the nugget is a bona fide water lover. These Speedo arm bands we picked up at Target were the best $12 spent all week. Of course, now we have find some way to get our little fish back in water this winter. Maybe we need an indoor pool in our basement? Or maybe we should just head back to Florida again next month.
Excuse me while I fire up Travelocity.

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