March 23, 2015

Maine // Willard Beach

Willard Beach will forever hold a special place in my heart. For 2.5 months after we first moved to Maine, but before we closed on our current home, we were nestled in a 1970's ranch just one house up from the sand. The beautiful bay window in the front living room was a perfect place to perch with our then 4 month old nugget. It was so peaceful sitting in the sun, watching huge oil tankers glide by. At least until the peace was broken by a passing dog, setting Miller off into a loud (and unappreciated) barking frenzy. Did I mention that Willard is the most popular dog-friendly beach in South Portland? That bit of local bragging rights meant the stream of beach-bound furballs was pretty constant, as was Miller's bark. 

Still, whenever the thermometer crept above 30, I'd load the nugget in the Baby Bjorn, grab a bundle of plastic grocery bags for you-know-what, then hit the beach. Miller would alternate between romping with his furry brethren and jumping into the icy water, often emerging with sand-encrusted furcicles hanging from his undercarriage. 

On Saturday we took advantage of temps in the high 30s and welcomed spring like only Mainers can- with a snowy family stroll on the beach. The sun wasn't shining and a formidable layer of wool socks and Bean boots stood between our toes and the sand, but it was a perfect day by the sea - complete with the first furcicles of the season.

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