May 4, 2016

Maine // Kennebunkport Inn

This past Sunday marked six years of wedded bliss for Chad and I (because "bliss" is exactly the right word to describe parenting a threenager). To celebrate, we hired an overnight sitter and snuck away to Kennebunkport for 18 hours of FREEDOM!!! Er, I mean romance...

We kicked off our wild and crazy night by cruising downtown KPT's shopping district. Though the shining sun drove temps up into the mid-50s, most of the outdoor decks and patios we passed sat empty. Overall, the town felt pretty mellow without the warmer weather crowds that tend to clog up the sidewalks in-season.

Too quickly it was time for dinner, so we headed back to the Inn for our reservation at One Dock Prime. The restaurant is located within the Inn, which I thought would come in handy in case Mother Nature decided to throw us a rogue late-April snowstorm (like she did last week).

After enjoying live music from that evening's entertainer and after properly stuffing ourselves with amazing food, we headed back up to the room to retrieve our coats before braving the outdoor fireplace. The hostess from One Dock Prime armed us with cozy blankets as we headed to the dark sundeck. We pulled the white armchairs up to the edge of the hearth for our final stop before hitting the hay.

The next morning, I had big plans for us taking the Inn's beach cruisers out for a little tour around town. However, the call of the breakfast bar and the reminder that we had a kid at home waiting for us won out over a ride. We checked out around 9am and headed north, with me already plotting our next trip to KPT.

How we picked the Kennebunkport Inn...
Neither Chad nor I travel frequently enough for business to have amassed enough loyalty points to make it worthwhile for us to actually be loyal to any of the major chain hotels. We typically book rooms based on a mixture of TripAdvisor reviews and eligibility in the Rewards program, as was exactly the case for this trip. It would seem relying on the feedback of strangers to lead you to your ultimate home away from home might be a little dicey. However, we've worked out a pretty flawless system of sifting through the reviews to decode the hidden truth of what a place is really like. This strategy has resulted in us staying in some pretty awesome accommodations that we may have otherwise overlooked.

Would we stay at the Kennebunkport Inn again?
Absolutely! The location was perfect - walkable to everything in downtown KPT with a slice of water views from the sundeck. We stayed in a "Classic Room", which was definitely tight, but perfect for one night. We would have to upgrade to at least a Deluxe Room if we wanted to stay here with offspring in tow. Honestly, we will likely never stay here as a family because the Inn is without H's required amenity - a pool! However, I could definitely see us visiting the Inn again for an easy overnight getaway in the near(ish) future.

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  1. You're making me want to visit Kennebunkport. Or figure out where one finds an overnight babysitter. Or some combination of both. Looks like a great trip! Happy anniversary