August 21, 2017

STYLE // 5 Things You Need to Pack for a Trade Show + Outfits

This past week I made the bi-annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the FN Platform Footwear Trade Show (I had missed the past 2 shows between being 36 weeks pregnant for one, and having a nursing infant to care for at the time of the other).

The list below are my packing tips for making attending trade shows a little more comfortable...

  1. Wear-Tested Shoes - One word: Blisters. More than one word: A trade show where you'll log more steps in your fitness tracker over 3 days than you have in the past 3 months combined is NOT the place to break in new shoes.
  2. Band-Aids - Especially useful if you ignore #1 (see above).
  3. Large & Small Bags - A long-handle tote is essential for hauling all of your business-ey wares during the day. A clutch (or other smaller bag) will prevent you from morphing into your group's Sherpa when you're headed out to a client dinner.
  4. Battery Charger - You may not always have access to a power source or have time to be tethered to one while you wait for your phone to charge. Pop this guy in your bag and skip sitting on the floor of that conference center hallway (the one that had the only available charger in a 200-mile radius).
  5. Nightlight - Chances are, you'll find yourself stumbling around at 2am in a groggy, over-hydrated stupor trying to locate the bathroom in your hotel room. Your usual options are: endure temporary blindness from the overhead light or possess inhuman night vision that allows you to locate the toilet in pitch black darkness. I vote for option 3- pack this lightweight, slim profile nightlight and do what you need to do without disrupting your circadian rhythm or smashing into the door frame on your way out.

// O u t f i t s //J.Crew Factory Crosshatch Embroidered Shell

Travel to LAS from SLC

J.Crew Factory Crosshatch Embroidered Shell // J.Crew Denim Shorts // Jack Rogers Palm Beach Sandal
J.Crew Factory Beaded Tassel Earrings

Trade Show - Day 1

J.Crew Linen Chevron Maxi Dress // J.Crew Factory Beaded Tassel Earrings // Eastland Hickory 1955 Sandal
Eastland Gia Cap Toe Ballet Flat

Trade Show - Day 2

J.Crew Stripe Knit Shift Dress // Madewell The Transport Tote // Eastland Gia Cap Toe Ballet Flat

Trade Show - Day 3

J.Crew Factory Striped Pleated Shift Dress // Eastland Kelley Crisscross Slide Sandal

Travel to PWM from LAS

Lilly Pulitzer Eda Cardigan // LOFT Striped Tie Back Shell // 7 For All Mankind Skinny Jeans // Madewell The Transport Tote // Jack Rogers Palm Beach Sandal

And me and my new bestie - Blair Underwood 😆

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