Who am “I”?
“I” am Michele - a thirty-something New Jersey refugee. I lived on the west side of the country for the 11 years (8 years in San Diego, 3 years in Las Vegas). Then, in December 2012, I returned to the east side and currently reside in Southern Maine.

By day, I work as a Ecommerce Marketing Manager for a heritage footwear brand. Nights and weekends are spent with my husband, our two young sons (born Summer 2012 and Fall 2016), and our fur-st born (an 8-year-old Golden Retriever). As a family, we spend as much time outdoors and near some body of water as possible.

Why I started The Salty Hanger:
I started this blog while on maternity leave in 2012, after spending many hours staring longingly into my closet at the dust collecting on most of the items hanging within. Whilst whittling away the baby weight , I consoled myself with my trusty Pinterest account, scouring countless pins for ways to teach old clothes new tricks, decorate an imaginary house, plan imaginary parties, become a fierce competitor on the next season of Top Chef, HGTV Design Star and Craft Wars – you get the idea.

What should I know about original photography in The Salty Hanger?
It’s all footloose and Photoshop free - well, mostly. I'm not a professional model and by no means am I aspiring to be one (I get seriously “hangry” if I don’t eat enough). I'm just a girl armed with some clothes, a camera and wi-fi access. 

So in that same vein, there will be no stretching, thinning out, plumping up or any other body modifications applied to any photos of me. However, if I have a zit the size of Mount Vesuvius or under-eye bags that make me look like I lost a title fight the night before, then I might have my husband apply the digital Magic Eraser to clean up the offending blemish a bit. But all freckles, moles and tans (or pastiness) will remain intact.

P.S. Special thanks to artist Matt Glasby (http://www.mattgillustration.com) for graciously granting permission to use his illustration as the awesome nautical background on item features. Be sure to check out his shop here !

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